10 components that I think are important to living well are:
I've explained what I mean by each of these things in my post Living Well: 10 Components of Health & Happiness.
What else do you prioritize in your own wellness?


  1. Have you ever gone through depression?

    1. Hi! I just emailed you directly. I hope that's helpful. Stick in there :)

  2. I've been through a breakup an year ago and still i can't get over it..and i took medications and talked to poeple. Next year, I'll be a final year mefical student and this year, i screwed up my exams overthinking.
    Do you have any tips for me on how to focus on my life, and study well, concentrate well on studies, not procrastinate, get motivation to move on and find my happiness?
    But most importantly, i wanted to ask abouta studies, because i seriously can't focus..i used to be really good at it and get good grades in previous years.