Friday, December 5, 2014

Weekend Review: Snowshoe Hare, Fondant Penguin, & My $2.85 Watch

The past week has been great -- the weather warmed up a little, I managed to be fairly productive at work, and the Canucks beat the Penguins 3-0 (though they're my two favourite teams so I didn't care so much about the outcome...but it's nice to see Vancouver doing well this year!). Other than attending the Festival of Trees and a fun Christmas cookie exchange, here are a few things I've enjoyed over the past seven days:

  1. replacing my watch battery -- This is probably the best thing I've accomplished this week. After trying and giving up on several separate occasions to unscrew my watch back (with suboptimal tools), I finally got it off and was able to change out the battery. The watch back sustained a fair few scratches in my efforts, but since the watch only cost me $2.85 at Hong Kong's Temple Street Night Market, I couldn't care less. As a bonus, I also resized the band with a poppy pin that I found lying around at work.
    watch night market
    my $2.85 watch, revived
  2. snowshoe hare -- This is the second best thing that happened this week -- spotting a huge pure white snowshoe hare on the walk home from work tonight! Unfortunately it hopped away before I could acquire photo evidence, but if you remember back in August I spotted some brown snowshoe hares and wondered whether they do change to white in the winter to better camouflage -- well, now I can ascertain that they do.
    snowshoe hare edmonton
    snowshoe hare -- brown in summer...white in winter!
  3. iMovie sound effects -- I was messing around with iMovie this week and realized that it has some pretty awesome sound effects, my favourites being "brontosaurus wail" and "dinosaur growl".
    imovie sounds
  4. fondant penguin -- This amazing fondant penguin, made by a friend, has been sitting in my fridge door because I can't bear to eat it. It'll have to just be a fridge decoration :)
    fondant penguin
    cute little guy!
  5. condo decor -- While collecting my mail this week I noticed that someone in the building had put up a few Christmas decorations around the mailboxes. Nice of them to attempt to make the basement area festive.
    mailbox christmas
  6. morning sun -- I'm so appreciative of my east-facing apartment on weekend mornings, when it is flooded with sunlight (that I'm not around to appreciate on weekdays!).
    sunny edmonton
  7. ANTM finale -- America's Next Top Model is my secret guilty pleasure reality TV show and I was perfectly content to spend Friday night on the couch with Christmas tea, cookies, candy, and the two-hour season finale.
    antm cycle 21

 What did you enjoy this week?

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