Tuesday, August 8, 2017

West Coast Vibes

It's a quiet call evening, so I'm laying in bed writing a paper scrolling through Instagram. I just wanted to share my favourite west coast photographer, Tyler Forest-Hauser.
He's from Victoria and shoots beautiful landscapes that make me miss Vancouver Island.
lots of familiar places -- I used to drive past this garry oak every day
His editing I think captures the Island vibe perfectly; everything has a foggy/Tofino/hipstery film sort of feel to it.
I used one of his photos in my window photo frame. Hopefully that's not stealing. I'd been wondering for a while for what to do with the frame; this I really like.
Here are his website and print store if you're interested. Here are a few more of my favourites:
Alright, back to work on this paper :)

1 comment:

  1. So many gorgeous photos! *-* You're making me want to come visit Canada!! (Granted, I've been wanting to for a while, but finding a free weekend has been a struggle!)


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