Monday, August 7, 2017

Life This Week: Froyo, Heritage Festival, & Reading

Summer's flying by! It's been a good mix of work and relaxation so far though; which is also the plan for the weeks to come. Clearly my pager is on the same page; it hasn't bothered me much at all this long weekend. Besides rounding in the mornings, I've been free to lie on the couch, walk around the mall, and hang out with friends -- the wonders of home call. Here are some things I've appreciated this week:

cause to celebrate -- Our PGY-5 resident is done and headed off to Holland. We celebrated with cake, froyo, and dinner at MKT. She'll do awesome in her fellowship, but we'll miss her lots!
froyo (twice)

Heritage Festival -- I was glad to make it to the Heritage Festival yesterday evening. This year 100 countries are represented at 71 pavilions over three days in Hawrelak Park. The volunteers take such pride and care to showcase their cultures; it's such a lovely reflection of Edmonton's diversity.
so much talent -- here's Cambodia

doughnuts -- One of our kind nurses brought in Tim Horton's yesterday, so I got to try the new Nanaimo bar doughnut. Honestly it fell a little flat; nothing compares to an actual Nanaimo bar. But don't get me wrong, still a great doughnut.

downtown -- I headed over to Churchill Square on Tuesday to visit the Art Gallery of Alberta. It's now free every Tuesday and Wednesday evening; and good thing, as I'll have to go back...I really underestimated how long it'd take and left with half the galleries unseen. The Past Imperfect: A Canadian History Project exhibit is really interesting, depicting Canada's history through artists' eyes (side note: did you know Sir Frederick Banting was an accomplished painter?).

Aziz Ansari -- Aziz Ansari is just the best. I love Parks and Rec and Master of None. I don't know why it took me so long to realize he has a book. If you also didn't know this, I highly recommend you check it out: Modern Romance: An Investigation. It's light and funny, but impressively researched; a reprieve from my slow slog through The Handmaid's Tale.

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