Monday, December 5, 2016

Life This Week: Hoar Frost, Samosa Day, & December Goals

Well it's officially winter here now, brrr! But it's also December, so we had a good run of mild weather. I had a busy weekend studying for an oral exam, some of which happened during a slow call shift in a homey feeling call room -- with the sunlight streaming in, it was nice and cosy. Plus, no wifi = no distractions!

so much random clutter
Otherwise it's been a pretty regular week. Here are some things I appreciated:

froyo -- Despite the cold weather, it was nice to catch up with friends over froyo (and sample the new Christmas flavours -- eggnog and gingerbread!).

hoar frost -- I hadn't even heard of hoar frost until I moved to Alberta, but it's become one of my favourite things about winter here. It's these white ice crystals that form on the trees when the conditions are just right. It's so unpredictable when it'll appear, which makes it all the more magical. I've only ever seen it a few times -- Friday being one of them.

Xmas party -- The medical physics Christmas party is the one to beat in our cancer centre. It's basically a massive potluck (+ visit from Santa) that everyone comes out to. It was nice to meet and chat with folks from other departments whom I don't normally cross paths with.

samosas -- It was also Samosa Day last week, the one day a year when one of the oncologists brings in hundreds of samosas for everyone in the cancer centre. Everyone goes crazy over those samosas (I always think of Ross and his mini muffins).

chocolate -- I picked up this chocolate bar while grocery shopping yesterday, which is a bizarre mix of pop rocks, jelly beans, and m&m-like candy, embedded in milk chocolate. It's confusing on the palate (so many textures!) but I can't stop eating it.

December goals -- I've gotten into the habit of making goals at the start of each month, and while I don't always achieve them, it helps me to reorganize and motivate myself, which can't hurt :) On Saturday I felt compelled to jot down some December goals on the back of a consult sheet (I need to carry my journal around more -- I never seem to have it when inspiration hits).
more to-dos than goals, but at least they've been committed to paper!

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