Monday, November 28, 2016

Life This Week: Baby Shower, Charity Drive, & Squash

This post is a day late because I was a little Gilmore Girls preoccupied yesterday. Anyways, not much to tell about the past week. Canadian Thanksgiving was 7 weeks ago, and is not as big of a celebration as it is in the States. So, just an ordinary weekend, which was perfect. Here are some things I've appreciated in the past seven days:

squash -- I bought an acorn squash and a butternut squash the other day because I've actually never tried making them myself (!). I'm not sure why, because it's so easy and I do really like squash.

charity drive -- One of my jobs on the residents' association this year is getting our annual donation drive up and running. We're collecting donations in fifteen hospitals across Alberta, for six different charities. It's been a bit of a process getting things together, and I was really excited to see our first couple donations come in today!

baby shower -- On Saturday we held a baby shower for our PGY-5 resident. It was low-key and a lot of fun. My biggest accomplishment was getting the male guests to attend, which required branding it as a Baby Party, rather than Shower, and when that didn't work, revising the invitation:
first attempt
bro-ed up
By the way, if anyone's planning a baby shower, here's where I made the invitations, here's a really user-friendly registry, and here are some other great websites:

Here's where you can print bunting letters (we did "it's twins"):

Here's where you can print off an elephant banner (pink or blue):

And here's inspiration for some cute decor -- I made 10 strands in pink and blue, with diamonds instead of circles (so much easier to cut out!):

We had a lot of fun playing baby-themed Pictionary using these printable cards:
Sadly I was too preoccupied to take any photos at the actual shower -- just imagine a good time :)

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