Monday, November 14, 2016

Life This Week: Moustache Pins, Potholes, & Job Shadowing

Looking back on my phone, I only have a few photos for this post, so feel like I didn't do much of anything this week. But thinking about it, I did do a bunch of stuff. Not photograph-worthy stuff; just residency stuff. I participated in a leadership workshop, went to our quarterly residents' association meeting, hosted a teleconference, did two Powerpoint presentations, entered a bunch of data, and met up with our statistician (to find out that no amount of manipulation will bring any statistical significance to those data :(). It was also my first week on a new rotation, working with a staff who treats CNS, GU, and pediatric tumour sites. So in the end a pretty full, but good, week. Here are a few things I've appreciated:

potholes (told ya it was a mundane week) -- If you live in Edmonton you know how exciting it is when the City fills in the potholes in your lane. Apparently the City has to fill over half a million potholes a year, so back lanes aren't generally a priority.

job shadow -- On Wednesday I saw patients with a grad student I was matched to through our university's job shadow program. It was nice to take a step back and remember why I love medicine and radiation oncology, in sharing the cool parts of my day with him.

moustache pins -- Our residents' association office staff was so sweet to make these moustache pins for us to wear in support of Movember!

long weekend -- Really appreciated the extra time to catch up on Gilmore Girls, laundry, and other neglected stuff.

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