Saturday, November 19, 2016

Life This Week: Food Gifts, Grande Prairie, & Planner Deals

This week's been a blur. There was some last-minute data collection for a project I had to present mid-week, a brief trip to Grande Prairie, and home call and weekend rounding. That might sound onerous, so let me just say that the corresponding positives are: I finally have something to show for this project, Grande Prairie was a nice change of scene, and home call and rounding have been light. All in all, a good week. Also, it's feeling really cosy now -- it's gotten cold, I turned on the heat for the first time, and we got a dusting of snow this week (especially so in Grande Prairie), the dry kind that swirls around prettily on the streets. Here are some other things I've appreciated in the past seven days:

kindness -- One of the sweet housekeepers gave me some home-made cranberry pecan loaf and plum jam...probably out of pity because she sees me at my desk in the cancer centre basement basically all the time. It was really kind of her.

Grande Prairie -- I flew up to Grande Prairie for a night, to help out with our peripheral oncology clinic. The patients were lovely as usual, but the real highlight was this king bed with alll the pillows, which was basically a cloud.
lounging + quiche

Gilmore Girls -- And that's a wrap -- today I finished (sobbing) the final episode. That was 7 seasons in 2 months. Whew. Just in time for the revival.

white bread -- I know, not healthy. But so delicious for Nutella toast and grilled cheese. I think all the Gilmore Girls watching has had a bad influence on my eating habits...#whatwouldLorelaido means pancakes whenever.

planners -- I stumbled across some great planners in helping my sister look for one. Because they're aligned with the school year (but still have a good 8 months left in them), they're on super clearance -- ours came to $6.04 total! If you're interested, have a look at the Mead website and Google for a promo code for free shipping (SHIPONUS worked for me). These are my favourites, all with both monthly and weekly pages:
this one's $5.39; it's got lots of room to write, but is simple, with cute floral watermarks; plus it has clear pockets for storage
this one ($7.79) has a pretty gold coil and tabs along the side; a downside though is fewer lines to write on
this one ($9.59) is full-sized (8.5''x11'') and super cute (with tabs)
To be honest, I didn't get one for myself because I'm so used to using my clipboard planner, which is still working really well for me; but if not for that I definitely would've (a bonus is that these start with the residency year in July). My sister is super excited for hers to arrive in the mail. And no, Mead is not sponsoring this!


  1. D-damn! You managed to finish binge-watching the whole thing!? So proud of you, haha. I haven't watched any of the episodes since college, but hopefully I remember enough! I'm so excited for the revival!

    Thanks for sharing! I might have to look into getting a planner! I was so much more organized when I used one! I love the one with the paper airplanes! :]

  2. I know, it's pathetic! I have never watched so much TV. But I so wanted to finish in time for the revival. #firstworldproblems

    The paper airplane planner is my favourite too!


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