Sunday, October 30, 2016

Life This Week: Pancakes, Halloween, and Showing You Care

I figured I'd change my "weekend review" post to "life this week"; which led to two hours spent messing around with my blog template. Is anyone else terrified of changing up their template? I was only brave enough to make a few small changes, but was convinced the whole time I'd end up destroying my blog. Anyways, I didn't, and hopefully it looks a little cleaner. Here are some things I've appreciated in the past seven days:

cosy studying -- Studying is much more tolerable on the couch with hot chocolate and blankets.
the complete opposite of a standing desk
pancakes for dinner -- So this happened last night and helped ease the pain of having to leave the aforementioned couch to go work a night shift.
you best bet I ate all six
DIY costumes -- Being the wellness VP on our residents' association means I end up helping out with the resident socials, which on Friday night led to this:
at least people could identify what I was this year (didn't want a repeat of the s'more debacle of 2015)
supporting friends -- Liz posted this week about having made a promise to herself to unconditionally support her friends. I completely agree with the importance of showing up to support and going above and beyond for friends, family, and colleagues. From bringing in a treat on a coworker's birthday, to attending a friend's convocation, to organizing a farewell party, there's so much that can quite easily be done to make others feel special.
it could be the simplest thing -- like these puffles for our pregnant colleagues
return of fall -- And finally, that snow I posted a while back has long disappeared, and we're back to nice fall weather. Here's some sunset-tinted boiler exhaust spotted on one of my walks home:
urban scenery

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