Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Life This Week: Sabor, The Good Doctor, & Movember

Just popping in quickly with some highlights from the past week. Life's been very routine; not a whole lot to tell!

accreditation -- Our residency program underwent its q 5 yearly assessment and passed with flying colours. No big deal. (Though actually it is -- props to our awesome program director and program admin for lots of hard work.)
cause to celebrate!

donation drive -- Our annual resident donation drive kicked off and is already going strong. Our collection basket got an upgrade from last year, but also apparently looks more like a garbage bin, which has proven troublesome.
donations only please

journal club -- We got to go to Sabor, a nice Spanish and Portuguese restaurant, for lung journal club on Wednesday. The article discussion was lively and of course the food was incredible.
so spoiled

TV -- My latest binge watch has been The Good Doctor. I know medical people will roll their eyes at the medicine, but whatever, the characters are lovely and the storyline is fantastic.
Freddie Highmore is crazy talented
Also, Nicholas Gonzalez ♡

Movember -- And finally, I just need to immortalize this on here -- the highlight of weekend rounding residency.
Sorry, D! Thanks for being a good sport.


  1. Yes, the Good Doctor is also my favourite show to binge watch! Love reading the weekly updates.

    1. Thanks, Jessica! Also, I love that you have a blog! I wish I'd started mine earlier. It'll be fun to look back on as you move towards med school. All the best :)


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