Saturday, July 1, 2017


Today feels momentous -- it's both Canada's 150th birthday and my first day of fourth-year residency. You can probably guess which one of those is provoking some anxiety. I know it seems silly, but writing "R4" for the first time after my name today was frightening!
R4! As in, I'm past the halfway mark and should probably actually know what I'm doing. :S.

This seems like a good time to commit to paper some goals for the year. So here goes -- here's what I'd love to accomplish in PGY-4:
  • studying -- Finish making study notes -- but dynamically add to them from teaching, clinics, and academic half days.
  • research -- Prioritize writing up existing projects. Start one new one.
  • fellowship -- Explore/apply to brachytherapy fellowships.
  • exams -- Write the USMLE Step 3 and register (/start studying) for the ABR physics and radiobiology exams.
  • life -- Be more efficient with my time -- early morning studying/workouts. Be healthy -- exercise more often, make better meals. Be social -- make time for friends, PARA/RDoC, be a helpful coresident.
I know this year is going to be busy; but it'll also be wonderful -- I'm already looking forward to my coresident returning from mat leave, travel for conferences and courses, and a trip with my family in the fall.

The next two years will race by, I'm sure; I'll just have to be intentional with my time and give it my all.

All the best to any of you who are also moving up in residency today -- you will be awesome. And to everyone, happy Canada Day!

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  1. Yayy!! Congrats on starting your 4th year! <3! Second year still doesn't feel all that real to me yet, haha. Best of luck to you on Step 3! :[ I have to take that this September and I do notttt feel ready! Also looking forward to hearing about your fellowship applying process!


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