Monday, July 3, 2017

Life This Week: Fireworks, River Valley Walks, & A New Planner

It's been a wonderful long weekend -- my mom's over to visit, my pager's been quiet, and the weather is gorgeous. Home call weekends don't get much better than this :) Here are some other things I've appreciated this week:

Canada Day -- The City of Edmonton went all out with the fireworks this year and luckily the rain cleared up for the show. I thought it was great, and watching with thousands of people from the edge of the river valley, just a couple blocks from my apartment, was pretty sweet.

ice cream -- It's been 25 °C out, i.e. ice cream weather. I've been impressed by the President's Choice lineup this year; lots of great flavours. And I was skeptical about that dairy-free one, but it's delish too.
Anyhow, after stocking up on all that ice cream, my freezer decided to stop working for two days. I almost pulled a Joey,
but it fortunately seems to be alright now, after a little rearranging of stuff away from the vents. Close call!

cinnamon bun Oreos -- We don't get too many fun Oreo flavours up here in Canada, so I was excited to see this cinnamon bun one at No Frills. These are great -- I'd pick them over chocolate any day.

lilies -- There are gorgeous lilies in bloom all over the place these days. Clearly no deer in Edmonton!
brightening up the hospital

walks -- We had some perfect evenings this week and it seemed like all of Edmonton took to the river valley.
bridge views
downtown + High Level
trail exploring (if you're willing to risk the mosquitoes!)

planner -- I was near HomeSense yesterday, so naturally stopped in to lust after stuff I don't really need. And then I bought a planner (so much for this!). They had such great ones for only $8 and I couldn't help myself.
fake leather cover with gold dots and coil
monthly calendars (only wish this started on Monday instead of Sunday)
a graph paper page at the beginning of each month -- excited to track goals like Sarah (@shubox_plans)
and weekly pages that start on Monday :)
It's simple, has the odd quote but not too much inspirational fluff, and goes from July to June, which is perfect for the residency year. Nicely done, Clementine Paper Inc.

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  1. Hi! Happy Canada Day. It's nice to see another Canadian blogger here!


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