Monday, January 30, 2017

Life This Week: Cake, Wheat Garden, & A Cheapo Car Mirror Fix

This week started off a little crummy, as I was post-call, slipped on ice, and had a minor crisis about all the stuff I needed to get done. But things turned around on Wednesday. I delegated a little bit to my co-residents (which I never do because it feels bossy). And I realized that if certain things didn't get done (video for the med students applying to our residency program) it wasn't the end of the world. The rest of the week ended up really great; here are some things I appreciated:

fini -- This week we finished accrual for our caregiver study! Our team did such a great job, accruing 205 participants in 10 months (really fast for clinical research!). To celebrate we had this beautiful cake:

hoar frost -- Heading over to Duchess Bake Shop to pick up the cake, the river valley was the prettiest I'd ever seen it. Sadly no photo because I was driving, but here's one I took of a pretty elm-lined residential street.

Wheat Garden Noodle and Dumpling Bazaar -- A friend and I tried out this northern Chinese restaurant after work one day. Don't let its humble appearance dissuade you -- this place is a gem. We tried the spicy ground beef noodle soup, dumplings containing shrimp, egg, and fungus, and their home-made sour plum drink. It was all so delicious. The restaurant, which is relatively new, was very quiet though, and the couple who run it seemed so lovely; I really hope it's doing well.

smoothie -- I always forget how good smoothies are -- this one was pretty too:

diy car fix -- If you run into a pillar and destroy your side mirror, but don't want to give Honda $500, here's what you need to do: order this knockoff mirror from ebay, follow this YouTube video to dismantle the door panel, borrow a wrench from your friend's husband to switch the mirror out, reconnect the wires, and try to get the door panel back on despite having broken half the clips (may have to go back and fix those guys later). Anyways, really glad to have a functional mirror again.

babies -- I went with one of my co-residents to meet our PGY-5's new twin babies on Friday. They're just 2.5 weeks old and so precious! Mom and dad are doing an awesome job, but talk about a lot of work! Can't wait to see these little nuggets grow up. And I so wish I could share pictures, but, privacy.

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