Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Forest & Beach

Happy New Year! I'm lucky to be back on the Island this week to visit my parents and sister. It's been the best time; just lazy, cosy, and relaxing. We've sat in front of the fire with rum and eggnog, had a turkey dinner, watched movies, read books, and gone on walks.
New Year's morning
with fresh snow!
The weather has been beautiful and sunny, and we've had nice walks both in the park by my parents' home and on the beach in a neighbourhood we used to live in.
It's been uncharacteristically cold and windy in Victoria, but if not for the dustings of snow the scenery could almost pass for summer.
I had the entire beach to myself on this windy day. I sat for awhile on a washed-up log, watching the waves roll in, trying (failing) to spot whales amidst the whitecaps, and listening to the tremendous roar of the ocean. You know in old books where people are sent away to convalesce by the sea? I think it took leaving the coast and returning for me to finally appreciate what these people were onto. But restorative powers or not, I'll always feel at home by the ocean and hope one day to be so lucky as to return to the west coast. In the meantime, it makes holidays here feel all the more special!

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  1. Happy New Year! Glad you got to spend a relaxing weekend with your family! It looks absolutely gorgeous where you are right now! I hope to return to the west coast someday as well! For now, I'm happy to no longer be landlocked. :P There's just something awesome about being near-ish to the ocean!


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