Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekend Review: The Rosie Project, Coyote Sighting, & PB Cookies

This week has been great, but after 25 straight days of work I'm looking forward to having the weekend off! As a bonus, we finished rounding at 11 am this morning, so I got to leave a bit early for my academic afternoon. I spent the extra hour and a half at the mall beside the hospital, which was nice and empty in the middle of the day. Here are some other things I've appreciated in the past week:

  1. $5 hoodie -- At the mall today I was on the lookout for a grey hoodie to wear with my scrubs and was so lucky to find a perfectly fitting dark grey one on clearance for only $5. I bought one for my mom as well!
    kingsway mall edmonton
    a quiet Kingsway Mall
  2. coyote -- I sighted my first ever coyote on the way to work this week. It ran across the road as I was driving down Walterdale Hill, in the river valley.
    edmonton coyote
    photo by the Edmonton Urban Coyote Project
  3. The Rosie Project --
    I very much enjoyed reading this Graeme Simsion book this week, narrated by a single university professor who embarks upon The Wife Project, a quest to identify a suitable partner by means of a questionnaire. Though it is not explicitly stated (as he fails to recognize it), the narrator has autism, leading to an endearing and comedic outlook on the world -- a bit like that of Sheldon Cooper or Christopher Boone of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I'd highly recommend this quick and entertaining read to anyone and can't wait to get around to its sequel, The Rosie Effect.
    residency on call room
    on-call reading (before Emergency got crazy busy!)
  4. half day off -- Earlier this week I had an afternoon off unexpectedly, which was so wonderful!
  5. smoothie -- I had a couple of delicious chocolate peanut butter banana smoothies this week...I'd forgotten how good that combination is!
    banana chocolate peanut butter smoothie
    delicious, in spite of its resemblance to polyjuice potion
  6. peanut butter cookies -- Despite peanut butter being one of my favourite things, I'd never made peanut butter cookies before this week...aaand I've nearly eaten the whole batch already (makin' up for lost time!).
    kraft peanut butter cookies
    3 ingredients!
  7. warm weather -- It's been so nice to have had temperatures in the positive degrees over the past couple of weeks! The cold is creeping back now though, as evidenced by the snow flurries presently falling outside my window.
What is something you enjoyed in the past week?

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