Saturday, January 10, 2015

Weekend Review: Home Call, Luongo, & Harry Potter

Tuesday through Sunday this week has been spent on the palliative care unit of a different hospital. I've been lucky to be a part of a wonderful team, which has made the rotation enjoyable in spite of its more sombre moments. One thing I haven't particularly enjoyed is sitting in lots of traffic on the icy roads -- but I shouldn't be complaining as even with traffic the drive seldom exceeds 30 minutes (pretty good for a big city!). Here are some things I've enjoyed in the past week:

  1. fog -- When you don't experience them constantly, foggy west coast days are kind of neat. There was so much fog the day I left Victoria, I was impressed that the planes were running on schedule.
    fog vancouver island
  2. sun -- As I've said before, I don't mind the cold so long as it's sunny. This week we've had some extra cold weather, but fortunately also lots of sun.
    winter sun edmonton
  3. SkyShuttle ticket -- I missed the hourly airport bus by less than a minute (!) due to a short arrival delay in Edmonton. I was about to insert my credit card to pay for an $18 SkyShuttle ticket, when a guy came up and offered his to me for $10 since his ride had arrived. Taking the SkyShuttle saved me the time and bother of taking the bus and LRT at 10:30 pm and I was happy that the driver was kind enough to drop me off on my block (despite having said that he wouldn't, as it was not a designated stop).
    skyshuttle ticket edmonton
  4. Canucks vs. Panthers -- I caught the end of the third period of Thursday's Canucks vs. Panthers game. Despite it ending in a 3-1 win for the Panthers, it was touching to see the Vancouver audience jump up and cheer -- for their ex-goalie Roberto Luongo, who had made 33 of 34 saves and was named First Star of the game. Luuuuuu!
    panthers canucks luongo first star
  5. home call -- Home call is when instead of staying in the hospital for 24 hours, we get to go home and answer pages over the phone, only coming back into the hospital if needed. As all of my previous call has been in-hospital, it's a novel experience to get to eat chocolate and watch TV in bed whilst on call...unfortunately it'll be back to in-hospital 24-hour call on Monday!
    home call residency
  6. free parking -- I think hospital parking is universally exorbitant. Fortunately at the hospital I'm currently at, there is ample close street parking, free of annoying "2 hour" or "residential only" signs.
  7. Harry Potter Retold By People Who've Never Read or Seen It -- This BuzzFeed video is clever and hilarious -- you'll want to watch it!

What did you enjoy this week?

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