Saturday, January 3, 2015

Printable Minimalist 2015 Monthly Calendars

printable minimalist 2015 monthly calendar
As I've admitted before, I'm a bit of a dork when it comes to making study schedules or organizing the week's activities in my planner, so you can bet I get excited about starting the new year with a new calendar.

I progressed from annual Harry Potter calendars (which basically served as wall hangings that I treasured too much to write on) to a big dry-erase four-month calendar during my undergraduate years. Practicality has won out in the past couple of years, leading to a typed-up-in-Word half-page calendar, stuck unceremoniously onto my fridge door. It's nothing fancy, but it serves its purpose and is exactly how I like it -- clean lines, no wasted space, and, most important, starting on Monday to keep the weekend days side by side (picky, I know).

In the unlikely event that anyone else finds this description anything other than uninspired and boring, here's a PDF of my 2015 twelve-month calendar **. It's six pages in total, with two months per page. I printed them back-to-back, so ended up with a total of three sheets of paper. I fold each page in half before sticking it on my fridge, so as to display only the current month, and keep the other pages at close reach on top of the fridge.
**I've made an updated 2016 monthly calender -- here's the PDF :) **
So why do I need monthly fridge calendars if I already have a day planner and a study schedule? Good question. I guess they're redundant, but I do like to have an overview on the fridge as a quick reference for things like on-call days and social events. In medical school and clerkship I used my fridge calendar exclusively to keep track of daily start and end times, clinic locations, and exams dates...all of the important logistical stuff that is nice to see at a glance. For the details of what topic my lecture will be on or when the next Mindy episode is, I've got my planner.

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