Friday, September 5, 2014

Weekend Review: Meat, PB Jar Oats, and a Hot Air Balloon

With Monday being Labour Day, this week went by quickly! It's noticeably cooler in the mornings now with single-digit temperatures. Thunderstorms have also been in the forecast; but despite walking home beneath ominous clouds a couple times, I thankfully haven't had to pull out my umbrella. The weather's looking up for the weekend though! Here are some things that I've appreciated this week:

  1. screwdrivers -- After going through two dollar store screwdrivers in an attempt to assemble my new dresser, I decided to buy a nice 10-piece set and was happy to find one for 70% off at Canadian Tire (with magnetic tips being the icing on the cake). It turns out that Ikea furniture is almost a joy to assemble when you have the right tools!
  2. World Triathlon Grand Final -- Edmonton hosted this event over the long weekend. It brought positive publicity to the city and it was neat to catch glimpses of the athletes training, racing, or just strolling around the city.
  3. Meat & Block 1912 European Cafe -- I had a nice meal with friends at Meat, a popular new BBQ joint, followed by gelato at the eclectic Block 1912.
    Meat: pulled pork, brisket, ribs, sausage, chicken, baked beans, garlic fries, mac & cheese, and house sauces
    20 gelato flavours = tough decisions (you can sample them to make it easier!)
  4. credit card close call -- I had to return to Block 1912 to pick up my forgotten credit card later on in the weekend. I am so thankful that it was found and kept safe!
  5. agenda -- I'm happy to feel a little more organized, thanks to the free agenda I got this week.
    time to get organized
  6. PB jar oats -- I got down to the bottom of the peanut butter jar this week...which to me means: PB jar oats! I stirred half a cup of ground oats and a bit of milk into the remaining peanut butter and enjoyed it straight from the jar.
    PB cookie dough oats!
  7. hot air balloon -- For the second time a hot air ballon has livened up my walk to work -- and I got a decent view of it from the hospital pedway.
    matches the ECHA building

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